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Sunday Eliminations

Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series 2017 Showdown in San Angelo

I arrived in San Angelo Friday night just in time for the storm that rolled through and spent about 30 minutes hunkered down just outside town on 87, alternating between closing my eyes for a couple of minutes and being woken by the car shaking like 50 zombies were trying to get in and then looking around for funnel clouds.  

Winds were still lingering around Saturday morning keeping the boats out of the water until around 1pm when we finally got the go ahead to drop the boats in and get to qualifying, pros got one session, sportsman two.

​Sunday was a beautiful day for eliminations with plenty of sunshine and the temperature creeping back up from Saturday, congratulations to:

Top Fuel Hydro - Bryan Sanders, Nitrochondriac

​Top Alchohol Hydro - Travis Tutle, Short Fuse

Top Alcohol Flat - Bill Diez, War Party

​Pro Outlaw - Shannon Beal, Split Decision 2

​Pro Mod - Mike Lamb, Just 1 More

Our best wishes go out to Mike DeClark, we're glad he's Ok and hope to see him back out soon.

Saturday Qualifying