B A D   R  O  O  S  T  E  R   I  M  A  G  E  S  


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You, Bad Rooster! and a Nikon

​​The Bad Rooster is very real! His name is Pablo

and he has almost two acres to roam and

terrorize. He came to us as a chick and was

raised with love, a lot of love. We did not know

this cute tiny little chick would be a rooster.

Once morning much like a teenage boy the

voice crackled until a crow was belted out,

first thing in the morning and every morning.

Hatched: 2013


THE photography


​​If you're looking for something

unique when you've put in the hours,

days, blood, sweat, and tears to get to

where you are, you deserve to showcase

the moments that accompanies success.